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A young man from South Korea, JaeWoong Hwang, decidedly studied abroad in the United States at Illinois State University. He had a hard time adjusting to American life, especially with his language barrier. This changed when he met another young man, Anthony Hathaway, who was a Junior at Illinois State University and who had an interest in South Korean culture. Over time, the two became closer and their conversations became more real, despite the differences in culture, race, and language. They always tried to understand each other. At that time, JaeWoong seriously thought about what is “real communication.”

One day, after having heard Anthony’s experiences with the creation and administration of a gaming company at the start of 15 years old, JaeWoong suggested an idea of a website that would enable people in the world to communicate without the barriers that the two had overcome. Anthony, without hesitation, agreed to the idea. Thus, Tugthr was born.

Instead of the differences between the two leading to furthered separation, it became a significant synergy effect to facilitate the communication process in both friendship and business. Tugthr reflects their experiences and aspirants to global communication.

Tugthr is pursuing the aim of ‘Global Network Service’, which means to overcome the limits of traditional Social Network Service. Tugthr connects people in the world globally as well as socially. The world will get much closer and people’s thought wider. Join the world!


We provide the public sphere that can overcome cultural, historical and legal boundaries worldwide by minimizing the language problem and maximizing communicative effectiveness. We empower everyone to have an equal opportunity to create influence over the masses, even without celebrity status. People will be able to understand themselves in the present, prepare for the future through looking at citizens of other countries and making a comparison. In addition, people will be more intelligent because they would have a better understanding of their countless differences.


Our goal is to help people understand what happens, what is going on and what others think about issues around the world. Presenting various opinions, thoughts and statements on the map, people can visually understand public opinions around their own and other countries. By improving their points of view, Tugthr will make those who lose their liberty realize the value of liberty and give users better insight into the views held by the majority in the world.