Tugthr's Privacy Policy

Updated: August 19, 2017, 08:30:00 EST
I. Policy Deceleration
II. Who can use our Services
III. Information that's collected
IV. Use and Storage of Information
V. Disclosure of your Information
VI. Security of Our Services
VII. Changes to the Policy
IX. General
X. Questions

I. Policy Declaration

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is the policy that governs data and privacy over Tugthr’s Services (“Services”), including our websites, emails, APIs, widgets, ads, and posts. These services are provided by Tugthr, LLC. (“Tugthr”), located at 1903 Fairmont Street, Lansing, MI 48911.

Tugthr strives to provide the best experience we can for our users, including their privacy. Currently, Tugthr is in a soft, public, beta launch in order to improve our Services, through public bug and Services testing. This includes and isn’t limited to our Privacy Services and settings provided.

This Policy outlines what information is collected by Tugthr by using our Services and how the information may be used.

By using the Services, you are agreeing to the Policy from which it is outlined in its entirety.

II. Who can use our Services

a. The Services are only available to those who, under the law, can be within a binding contract between themselves and Tugthr. If you are not allowed to be within a binding contract by law, you are not authorized to use the Services.

b. You must be at least 13 years of age or older to access the Services. If you are at least 13 years of age, but under the age of 18, you must have a parent or guardian present to authorize the agreement into the binding contract required by this Policy.

c. If in the case you are agreeing to this Policy on the behalf of a company, a government, or other organization, you by agreeing are verifying that you are authorized to do be a representative of said company, government, or other organization. If under false pretenses you agree to this Policy on behalf of a company, government, or other organization, Tugthr has all rights to take action, including but not limited to deleting the account with its content and banning your IP address.

III. Information that’s collected

Personal Information: Tugthr does ask for personally identifying information (“Personal Information”) when registering for an account our Services, as well as further after registration, if you so choose to provide. This information currently includes but isn’t limited to first and last name, username, email, age, gender, location, education, religion, political affiliation, profile and cover photo, and a description about you. You can disable any public viewing of a majority of this information, outside first name, last name, email, description, profile and cover photo, and username, or rightfully chose not to provide, outside first name, last name, email, and username.

Post Information: Tugthr’s Services provide the ability to post, whether it be a polling question, status update, or commenting in any manner with any content and does ask you to provide posting information (“Content Information”). Tugthr does not require you to provide Personal Information, but you may choose to provide Personal Information within the Content Information you provided. This could be but not limited to photos, images, or text-based information.

Location Information: Tugthr when creating an account access and stores your IP Address. Tugthr utilizes a browser's Geo-Location in order to more accurately gain your location for the use of the Services when responding to posts (“Tug”, “Tugs”) or like interests. You have the ability to deny the use of this function, which is asked on the Tugs page. In the case you do deny the use of this Service, the system will collect a rough location using your IP address when you respond to your posts.

Cookies and Similar Technologies: Tugthr does use cookies or similar technologies on our Services to verify the type of browser or device you are using.

Together, Personal Information, Post Information, Location Information, and Cookies (“User Information”).

IV. Use and Storage of Information

Tugthr will only use Information for the purposes for which it was provided or stated in this Policy, now or in the future.

Tugthr uses your Personal Information to provide you with account registration, allowing the furthered use of our Services where an account is required, the betterment of our services, including the development of new ones, and to provide you with information or updates about Tugthr. You have the option to disable email notifications from Tugthr at any time in your account settings.

Tugthr uses your Post Information to display your Tugs on the Services, as well as provide location and statistical information about your Tugs on the Services, the better of our services, including the development of new ones, and possibly to provide third party with information in regards to metrics on our Services.

Tugthr uses your Location Information to display location and statistical information, as a part of the Tug display. The information displayed is just a colored dot near your general location to provide the worldview of public opinion on our services for the question/polling based Tugs and to show those who like an interest.

V. Disclosure of Your Information

Tugthr, in its current state, does not directly provide any third parties with your Information. If in the case Tugthr finds its suitable, it may share non-personally identifying information with third parties, such as metrics of users, category preferences and technical information in regards to the Services, for the betterment of the Services, including the development of new ones.

If required by law, Tugthr may share your information in order to comply with an order of a court in a competition jurisdiction or by with a government body, in the case there is proper calling for the disclosure, or in order to protect itself in case of issues of liability, rights, property or content, or in the case Tugthr ever gets sold.

Tugthr, at this time, does not use ads on its Services.

VI. Security of our Services

Tugthr always will work hard to provide the most secure Services we can and protect you from unauthorized access, alteration, deletion or disclosure of your Information we store. Our Services are currently encrypted with SSL. We make sure that all other security measures to protect and encrypt passwords and content that may be stored on our servers are taken into account and provided.

No information transferred and stored over the internet is completely secure from attack and Tugthr cannot fully guarantee that your Information will not be accessed unlawfully. In the case such actions take place, Tugthr will do everything in its power to reconcile the issue, including taking legal actions against any third party found responsible.

Please always take caution when providing and transferring your Information electronically. TUGTHR DOES NOT WARRANT THE SECURITY OF YOUR INFORMATION.

VII. Changes to the Policy

At any time, Tugthr may change this Policy, especially in that the website is currently in a beta form. We want to provide the best experience for our users and we will continually update and improve our Services, thus a change to this Policy may take place. The Policy changes posted no earlier than two weeks (14 days) before the changes take place. In no manner, will you not receive notification of modification our Policy, especially in the case of any major changes to the Policy. If you would like to review the Policy, it can always be found for review at http://www.tugthr.com/privacy

VIII. General

If under the circumstances you enter into an additional Policy or contract with Tugthr, in which conflict between the two-take place, the additional Policy or contract will take precedent. Tugthr is a registered Limited Liability Company under the governing body of the State of Michigan. The laws of Michigan, U.S.A, will apply to any disputes, conflicts or problems coming out of these Terms and the Services in which they apply to. If in the manner a claim is made against the Policy and the Services in which they apply, will be only be litigated in the federal or state courts of Ingham County, Michigan, U.S.A, which you and Tugthr agree to personal jurisdiction in these courts.

IX. Questions

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact Tugthr at http://www.tugthr.com/contact or by emailing us directly at support@tugthr.com. Response times will be within 24 hours from the recieved time!