Tugthr Update 7.0

By Tugthr on Jan 2, 2018

Happy New Years everyone!

It's finally the update to the 7th Beta Version of Tugthr.  Again it's been a few months but we wanted to hold off to release with the new year as we strive for a better and newer Tugthr.

To push through with 2018, Tugthr has some big changes coming. We are doing a bit of a redesign, which will come over the next month or so, with a push to being a fully bug-free service that provides many more benefits. We are only trying to make Tugthr bigger and better than ever, and 2018 is the time to really get that going.

As well as not only pushing out this more, we will be utilizing a lot more marketing and trying to get the user base a lot larger. With more users, Tugthr becomes more fun and beneficial. Keep a look out for that and help us to get the name out there!

Website Changes and Additions


  • A new single country-specific map, which the vote map and map link on the response tugs pages link to that. The map offers the options to go between different countries.
  • When links are posted on statuses, it'll pull the metadata from the website you linked and display it in the post.
    • Contains title, description, the first image on the page, and the URL.


  • Raised the size of the text on the usernames on the front page map.
  • Fixed the style on the option names for the question response pages.
  • The | only shows if the user is logged in next to the option names for the question response pages.
  • Set the heading size to standard sizes across all of Tugthr.
  • Moving CSS to one document across the board to speed up load times.
  • Started the beginning of a new design for the response pages.

Known Bugs

There is at least one known bug, sorry about that:

  • The delete Tug option on the Tugs page does nothing. Still working on it.

If you happen to see anymore, please don't hesitate to hit the "Report Bugs Here" in the top right corner of all main pages. Or you can just Click Here!

Thank you to everyone again for being patient with us as we push through our updates, in the coming weeks...we hope to be adding many new features and being bug-free!

Go out there and keep Tugging,
Anthony Hathaway
CEO of Tugthr

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