Tugthr Update 8

By Tugthr on Feb 8, 2018

Hello everyone,
Thank you for patience while we get these updates out. As we stated before, one of the pushes we are striving for early this year is the redesign for a better experience and flow of our services. We want to make the mobile experience similar to the feeling of an App.

We will be pushing larger and better advertising campaigns as we do this as well. For the next update look for this, as well as a better design for mobile especially.

Website Additions

Website Additions

  • Updated the design of the Tug Question Response page. The page layout was changed to a two column layout, with the Tug information and links with the map on the left side, and the responses with their links on the right side.
  • Added the new vote buttons, with a better CTA on the variation that is displayed when not logged in. The exact language is "Login to Vote." It is located right under the Tug Question.

Website Changes

  • The forms for Vote, Comment, and Edit were moved for better flow through the code.
  • Drop down menu for Tug options was changed, second menu option for deleting Tugs was changed to activate a modal for Tug deletion.
  • Tug deletion was moved to a modal that requests if the user is sure they want to delete their Tug. If selecting no, it will close the modal, if selecting yes, will activate the deletion of a Tug.
  • The form layout for selecting a country on the Single Country maps was changed to stacked with margin bottoms instead of an inline style.

Website Deletions

  • Removed the floating big red buttons for map, stats, and voting on the Tug Response page.
  • Removed the old Tug Response layout.

Known Bugs

  • There is known styling issues on mobile sized screens with a few of the layouts.

If you happen to see anymore, please don't hesitate to hit the "Report Bugs Here" in the top right corner of all main pages. Or you can just Click Here!

Thank you to everyone again for being patient with us as we push through our updates, in the coming weeks...we hope to be adding many new features and being bug-free!

Go out there and keep Tugging,
Anthony Hathaway
CEO of Tugthr

*Correction: Typo in the email, it is Update 8.0 not 7.5
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