Tugthr Update 11.0

By Tugthr on Aug 17, 2018

Hello everyone,

We are coming at you with a small update. The update has a few changes, mostly in the way we are doing searches. We are trying to do bi-weekly releases from now and hope to continue to push the brand and the goal of trying to make the world a better, more connected place.


We are wanting to provide a better, more specific to your experience on Tugthr; thus we are changing the way we filter data and provide it to you. We started that out by doing the search specifically while hoping to the future we will be carrying it over to everything else, such as after voting suggestions, interests Tugs page, and category filtering. We are using the beginningsĀ of natural language processing to provide the results, and hope to continue to develop this process as time goes on.

**In the current state, user and interest searching doesn't work but will come out in next update.

Tug Commenting

We are changing the way comment boxes appear, we did this first change on the response page. The comment boxes will no longer be pop-ups in the coming months and instead will be either visible on page load or you will see them appear under a comment or reply after a button is selected. We believe this is much more in tune with how people are already used to, and it provides an overallĀ better experience.

Design Changes

We are still improving and cleaning up various parts and sections of the website. You will see some small but noticeable styling changes on the home page, the Tugs page, and on the response pages. We hope to continue this in the months to come.

If you happen to see anymore, please don't hesitate to hit the "Report Bugs Here" in the top right corner of all main pages. Or you can just Click Here !

Thank you to everyone again for being patient with us as we push through our updates, in the coming weeks...we hope to be adding many new features and being bug-free!

Go out there and keep Tugging,

Anthony Hathaway
CEO of Tugthr

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