Tugthr Update 12

By Tugthr on Jan 3, 2019

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and New Years. It's 2019 and that comes with so many new possibilities.We at Tugthr would like that thought to be included in how we move through the progress of the website. We are setting our sights high and aiming big, which we have started with the changes to our main core. We have now added the ability to allow multi-vote and anonymous voting to ever poll, thus people do not need to be registered to Tugthr to vote. We did this because we have ideas as to the possibility of integration with our system.

We did, unfortunately, take out a few of the upload features. Right now, it is purely textual but we will get those added back soon. This is only temporary as we work out the kinks within the system.

There are many other changes that were pushed out as well, explore Tugthr to see them in more detail!

We hope you continue to enjoy Tugthr and be on the look out for more soon!

Happy tugging,

Anthony Hathaway
CEO of Tugthr

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