Tugthr Update Log 2

By HathawayWeb on Jul 3, 2017

Hello everyone,

Again wanted to say thank you to everyone that has signed up on Tugthr so far! We as of now are at 65 users so far, with over 450 responses to the Tugs.  That's over double the last time I announced just a few days ago. It's really amazing to us and keep on Tugging. 

We will start doing all development updates or official messages about Tugthr here on this new fancy blog, but we will still post the information and links to this blog on our social media accounts. This way we can keep everything more centralized.


First off, we want to say thank you again for being patient as we push out updates and new features as fast as we can.

Here is what we've done in the last few days:

What we added:

- Next, Previous Tug buttons on the responses page for Tugs
- New default covers
- Emojis support
- Profile contact information
- Map page links on  theTugs
- View counts on the Tugs
- Added Update Log

What we changed:

- Photo size changes on Tugs
     - Profile, response, and Tugs pages
- Changed text size throughout the website
- Content on front page map information bar slides in now
- Welcome text on front page map information bar to lead the map content
- If you do not have any notifications, we added a funny message to the notifications dropdown
- Logo was updated, curves more rounded now (wanted to make it more appealing)

Within the next 2 to 3 days, we should have some more changes definitely and hopefully a couple of new features that will add more fun to the map and Tugs.

Thanks again for being patient and can't wait to update everyone again soon,

Anthony H. 

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