Update Log 3

By Tugthr on Jul 28, 2017

Hello everyone, 
It's been a little over a week since our last post. We had a successful transition to our new datacenter and hardware and have been up since Wednesday, as we stated in the last message on our Facebook.  Since then, we have also updated and added some new features.  Below we'll go more into the details of those updates. Thank you for being patient during our beta and providing really great recommendations. We are really trying to get features out and updates as quickly as we can.

Updates & New Features

What we fixed:
- Sizing of post information was updated: Sizes of both the texts and pictures increased
- We updated the look of the response pages, as well as links. Older links should work still, as they should redirect properly to the new pages.
     - Specifically, we increased the sizes response information boxes.
     -  We added an infinite slider, so you can slide the response options to the left and right. This works pretty well on desktop/laptop browsers and it's extremely functional on mobile. 
     - We relayed out the Tugs information at the top of the response pages. You'll notice that the buttons for next and previous tug were repositioned, as well as added the options as you would see the Tugs pages.(View count, favorite, map  link and sharing).
- We updated the status post response pages.
      - We cleaned up the layout, making the transition from status information, comment form, and all the comments.
- We cleaned up the navigation menu, moved favorites to a drop down under your usernames. We also added some other things but will discuss it below in the things we added. 
- We cleaned up the Tug post form as well, it flows a bit better. 
- Statistic page got a design overhaul, as well as checks for the most popular option. A fire icon will dis play next to the option with the most votes.
- The profile pages Tug format is the same as the Tug pages, displaying to the right of the information panels. 

What we added:
- We added reactions to the Status Tugs. When commenting on someone's status, we provide the option now to react in a more specific way. There are 6 Emojis to choose from, 5 that are set by Tugthr and one that is set by the user who created the Status Tug.
- We added an input for a user to add an emoji to the Status when creating it. Please use the Emoji insert function on the page and not your mobile Emoji option, as well as only adding one.  Either could mess up the system for now until we get the solution for fixing it situated.  We apologize for the inconvenience.
- We added new Map markers for the reactions. The markers match the Emojis and have a slight size increase from the normal markers.
- We added a whole new feature called Interest. Interests are like advanced categories/tags.
      - With the update of the navigation menu, we added a link to the Interest hub. It is symbolized as a light bulb. Going to this will show you all the current Interests that have been made.
      - On the Interest page, we provide a new form for creating new interests. The form will ask you to give it a name, a  description, an Emoji to symbolize it (similar as the status input) and an image input, for the interest avatar.
      - Tug pages - Will show all the tugs that are tagged with the name of the Interest.
      - Map page - Will show you all the people around the world that have liked the Interest.
      - About page - Will display the information, if any, that the creator is attributed to the Interest.
      - Like amount - Will display a number of likes the Interest has, but will not specifically show you who likes it.
- We added about pages to the profile pages, which displays a bit more information than the side panels of the main profile page.
- Tug view counts - Can see a number of views a Tug has, both on the Tug and Response pages

Again, thank you so much for being patient as we push out updates and new features as quickly as we can. We want this to be something that's extremely comfortable to use for all of you.

We want to make note that in the next two weeks, you will see an updated to the ToS and Privacy Policy, as we are slowly adding to what exactly we collect. We are updating these documents to better represet the information we are collecting as our functions and features become much for evolved.

We have many things planned to have out in the next coupld weeks!

Talk to you soon,

Anthony Hathaway 
CEO of Tugthr

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