Update Log 4

By Tugthr on Aug 20, 2017

Hello everyone, I am happy to announce Beta Version 4.0 of Tugthr! Woooo!

We have a few things to share our recent updates with the website code, policies, and advertising! It's been a couple weeks since the last update and a lot has happened since then, so let's dig in!

Policy Changes

First, we will discuss the updates for Policy. We made an announce a little over two weeks ago that we would be updating these documents, as stated in our policies. We hope the changes will better reflect our goals and our services as we progress through beta.

Terms Of Service:
Grammar and some minor verbiage changes were made to make it easier to read.

Privacy Policy: 
We added more information to the "Location Information" section about the use of Geo-Location services for the new Interests function and its map.  Grammar and verbiage changes were also made to make it easier to read.


We want to let you know that we have started to purchase advertising through different platforms to run a Brand Awareness campaign! We hope to see a rise in engagement on Tugthr, making it grow into a more global community!

Website Changes:

Updates & Changes
  • Fixed the divs of the Tug Option Titles so the size matched the size of the content.
  • Lowered the spacing between the Tug comment options.
  • Made it so if you log in while on a Tug response page, it will return you to that page.
  • Changed how Interests are queried; use of IDs now.
  • Interests pages display Tugs that have corresponding tags.
  • Changed the form redirect for the like/unlike function for the Tug votes/comments so that it properly allows you to like/unlike the votes/comments and redirect back properly.
  • Home displays the Tugs that have corresponding tags (if you have not liked any Interests or not logged in, it will display all by default).
  • Added Version type at the top of the page, prior to the date.
  • Matched the sizes of all the elements in the header, outside the text.
  • All Tags are shown now on the Tugs page.
  • Added a menu next to your username on the Tug Response pages that provides options to edit or delete your Tugs (only shows if you are the poster of the Tug).
  • Added a search bar/function at the top of the website in the header next to the Tug button, allowing you to search for Tugs based on tags and the question/text, Members, based on username, first name, last name, and email, and Interests  based on tags and name of the interest.
  • Added Interests to the Profile About pages.
  • Added a Comments button to the Tug Response pages that moves your view down to the Tug's Options, where the votes/comments can be viewed. 
  • Added a favicon to the about and policy pages.
  • Added the response map to the Tug Response pages above the Tug Options and votes/comments.
  • Added colored dots before the Tug Options that correspond to the dots on the map.
  • Removed the category search on the Tugs page.
  • Removed the big red Tug delete button the Tug Response page.

Known Bugs

  • The Interests maps do not plot the locations. These maps we will be empty of markers.
  • Search bar text appears to overflow under the element Safari.

If you guys see or know of any other bugs, please click the "Report Bugs Here" button at the upper right corner of the header to report them!  We would really appreciate, as reported bugs help us to update and get Tugthr closer to a finalized version faster!

Again, thank you so much for being patient as we push out updates and new features as quickly as we can. We want this to be something that's extremely comfortable to use for all of you.
We have many things planned to have out in the next couple weeks!

Talk to you soon,

Anthony Hathaway 
CEO of Tugthr



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