Tugthr Update 4.1

By Tugthr on Aug 26, 2017

Hello everyone,

I wanted to update everyone on some of the minor changes made over the last week. I am also testing out our social media manager software, so bear with me.


Website Changes

Back-End Changes
  • Codeigniter was updated to Version 3.1.4
Front-End Changes
  • Cleaned up the forms, added more secure options for the data
  • Made it so the vote button is visible if you're logged off, and will take to login screen if selected
  • Moved the profile setting options to users drop down from their account name in the header
  • Statistics menu was moved to the left side of the options cards
  • Interest map does now display the markers properly
Front-End Additions
  •  Added the ability to vote on the Top questions from the Front Page
  • If you view people's profiles and you have matching interests, highlight the word in red and say matching
  • Countries menu on the statistics
  • The overall statistics will show you information based on country, not just globally (as long as the country's data has been collected)
  • Added some statistical information to the interest map, such as number of likes, number of cities the markers take place, and number of countries the markers take place
Front End Removals
  • Removed the cog menu next in the header (options in its drowp down were moved to the users drop down menu)


Thank you again to everyone that has stuck with us through this time, we are pushing out changes and updates as fast as we can.

We should have another update in a week or so,

Anthony Hathaway
CEO of Tugthr


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