Tugthr Update 5.0

By Tugthr on Oct 7, 2017

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since we updated last and that's due to the size of this update. Due to an update of one of our CSS frameworks, we had to edit and update almost every page on the website. I used that time to also clean up some of the logic behind liking, posting, etc. The website should be a lot more functional now than it used to be, but some things may still be buggy. Bear with us.

Website Changes/Additions

Front End

Like I said before, we updated almost every page of the website. To be more specific:

Top Header/Navbar
  • Top header bar is thinner now, taking up less space on each page.
  • Search form in the top header is cleaner, the function is smoother.
  • The drop-downs for user information/links and notifications are cleaner, with proper dividers and less dense code.
  • The global posting form is cleaner as well, properly laid out.
  • Fixed the padding for the content's start on each page.
  • Changed the layout of Tugs, the columnization is faster and softer on the eye.
  • The options for Tugs on the Tugs page are cleaner, using a real nav.
  • Share drop-down on the Tug nav should actually work and allow you to share with proper links.
  • The voting form on the Tugs page is cleaner.
  • Create interest button is in the proper place.
  • Create interest form is cleaner, the code is less dense and looks smoother.
  • The interest divs are in proper rows, the size of the interest names was increased.
  • Profile information section flows better, everything is connected properly.
  • A new nav was added to replace the old one for profile links, the text is smaller, looks cleaner.
  • The about profile page was formatted slightly differently, has the proper borders.
  • Interest matching only shows if it's not on your profile and you have a matching interest.
  • Connections page now has the profile information section, same as all other profile pages.
  • Connections divs were put into proper rows, the size of the usernames was increased.
  • The tugs on the profile page have the same layout as the tugs on the tug page, minus some minor formatting for liking for now.
  • Profile photo upload button is now red, unlike the random green, it was before.
Response/Statistics/Status Pages
  • All response and statistic pages share the same tug information content.
  • All response and statistic pages now have a working tug information menu, with proper share links and drop-downs.
  • Edit and delete tug options work properly now for both response and statistic pages.
  • Response pages have new sidebar buttons.
  • Response page voting button disables and dims when the user has already voted.
  • The main statistic page has had its content replaced with a proper menu on the left side with working drop-downs and a table. The table appears as a much easier and better way to visualize the results of a tug question.
  • All statistics pages share the comment left side menu with working dropdowns.
  • All status pages are updated similarly to the response pages.
  • New notification types added.
  • All old notifications are not gone, but they are not visible.
  • New notifications will send emails properly and are much more efficient than the previous.
  • All forms with a text-area have the new auto-expand methods.


  • Many methods for posting, submitting, etc...were cleaned up or updated. They will work better, faster, and more efficiently.
  • Code for most of the website was cleaned up, less code on each page but does more than before. Made things more dynamic.
  • New Notification DB added for the new notification types.
  • Notifications should properly email you after sending to the database.
  • Updated our git system.

Known Bugs

Unfortunately, there are still some bugs we have to kink out. Here's what we know:

  • Profile settings links redirect you to the status pages.
  • Some of the like/delete functions may not work on every page.
  • Edit post does not work on Profiles or Searching.
  • Voting does not work on the search pages.

If you happen to see anymore, please don't hesitate to hit the "Report Bugs Here" in the top right corner of all main pages. Or you can just Click Here.


Thank you to everyone again for being patient with us as we push through our updates, in the coming weeks...we hope to be adding many new features and being bug-free!

Go out there and keep Tugging,

Anthony Hathaway
CEO of Tugthr, LLC.

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